STARCROSSED (~10 hour comic) // Made for Platform Comics 10k Challenge // 2020
Required Prompts: use "Maybe they should self-quarantine" + Fell in Love w/ an Alien + 4-8 pages

NIHAO // 2020
A comic about memory, microagressions, and anger

A comic about a college STEM experience

PEN AND PAPER: PITCHING 101 // 2020 // Download on itch.io

FIGURE OF US // 2020 // Read on Webtoon (on hiatus)

A PRIMER ON COVID-19 // 2020 // Read on Webtoon
Nonfiction educational comic about various topics related to COVID-19



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Femme Divine Tarot // Full Design: Layout and Hand-Lettering
Twitter // Instagram

Posters // Full Design

CLSAS // Layout and Lettering (globe icon by CLSAS)
Website // Facebook

Greeting Card

Do not redistrubute or repost the samples on this page.
These were translated, cleaned, and lettered for personal use and have not been distributed anywhere.

Inio Asano x Clorets // Japanese to English Personal Fan Translation + Lettering
Twitter // All images copyright Inio Asano, Clorets

二階堂幸 "雨と君と" // Japanese to English Personal Fan Translation + Lettering
Twitter // All images copyright 二階堂幸, Kodansha

Kyla Smith // NIHAO
All images copyright Kyla Smith

Kyla Smith // FOXES, FIRE, and OTHER MAGIC // Sample Pitch Pages
All images copyright Kyla Smith

井田喃子 (@idasouthsan)'s Cooking Comic // Japanese to English Personal Fan Translation + Lettering // Read Right to Left
Twitter // All images copyright @idasouthsan

中村一般's 最高のあんぱんを買いに行く (三軒茶屋) // Japanese to English Fan Translation + Lettering // Read Right to Left
Note // All images copyright 中村一般

夏达 (April)'s 子不语 // Mandarin Chinese to English Fan Translation + Lettering // Read Left to Right
All images copyright 夏达, 漫友, New Century Press, U17, Shueisha

Cleaning Samples

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open for commissions?
Not currently, but I will update when I have availability!
I also post commission updates on Twitter and Instagram.

What do you use to draw?
For digital art, I use Procreate and Clip Studio Paint. I also like working traditionally with watercolor and ink.

What brushes do you use?
• "Procreate Pencil" (included with Procreate)
• Monoline (included with Procreate; improved filtering on and jitter 36%)
Matt's Sketching Set
Trisketched Ink Brushes

How did you get started in art?
I've always loved drawing, but I started actively trying to improve in 2019.
Some resources I've found helpful include Sinix Design's videos on YouTube and
various other things I'll link when I acually make this page live.

How did you get a literary agent?
If you have any questions about querying, I'm just one person, but feel free to email!

Where can I purchase prints of your art?
On Inprnt!

Kyla is an artist and writer with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean heritage who holds
a dual BA in Asian Studies and Asian American Studies.
When not drawing or writing, Kyla is usually learning the zhonghu,
making handmade noodles, or listening to Mitski and Mao Buyi.

You can see her art and writing in the CLUES TO THE UNIVERSE Preorder Campaign, HAWAII Magazine,
underblong, the Threads That Connect Us Comics Anthology, Solrad, Character Media, and more.

Direct Contact: hello@aikosmith.com
For publishing inquiries, please email her agent, Jennifer Azantian, at Jen (@) AzantianLitAgency (.) com

Translation/manga lettering portfolio and resume available upon request.

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